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Dancer, Actor, and Model


Heat Rock


Ivan “Heat Rock” Cofield began dancing at an early age from various areas of Georgia, with his initial encounter to Popping, Heat Rock began to study an unorthodox and unguided style he would later refine. Ivan had mentored under the supervision of The Floorlords Crew. Lino “Leansky” Delgato, and other well-regarded dance pioneers (Megatron, Boogie Boy Dash, Dominoe). Having come from Popping at middle-school dances, Heat Rock continues to define his Popping, Hip-Hop, and Breaking skillset.

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Throughout his competitive & professional dance career, Heat Rock had developed a well-known ‘East Coast Boogie Boy’ style that has been showcased widely, in which it has won him notoriety and praise in various countries (Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Canada, etc.).

  • Netflix Original Series: The Get Down and Nickelodeon’s HALO Awards.

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