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What Flouride In Your Water Is Doing To Your Body And Brain

Looking past the “Weight Watchers,” “I can’t have carbs”, “how many calories?” perspective on nutrition, let’s get back to the basics. The human body is composed of more than 60% water and it’s critical to maintain water and electrolyte balance to ensure the body’s homeostasis.

However, what tends to be overlooked, is the quality of water (e.g. brand, location origin, pH levels, alkalinity, etc.) we put in our body.

Drinking water is essentially the first substance any individual should have to wake up the body. What systems does water affect? All of them. The lymphatic, digestive, endocrine, respiratory, circulatory, muscular, integumentary, reproductive, systems are just a few of the systems keeping our body in check on an everyday basis.


What we want to avoid is when fluoridated water starts to brittle bones. These high fluoride levels dumb down the function of pinealocytes (cells in the pineal gland) & melatonin. These cells secrete melatonin, and with fluoride in the mix, fuck up the circadian rhythms in your body (“day & night” sleep cycles) and lead to trouble sleeping, weight gain, and aging. Taking this a step further, for females specifically, this may give some insight for the early onset of puberty; lack of melatonin results to sped up sexual maturation.

To break this down more in detail, the quality of water affects the body’s fluoride levels and in turn, affects the body’s systems. Your dentist may tell you how beneficial fluoride is for your oral health, but as someone who believes in longevity, excess fluoride can negatively affect the body. Found in everyday foods & goods (toothpaste, mouth wash, floss, tap water, water used in cooking, generic spring water brands, etc.), fluoride leads to the brittling of your bones, hardening the pineal gland in your brain, and even in some cases, cancer.


To bring this content back to its scheduled programming, it’s preferable to drink alkaline or distilled water, which is based on the pH level (higher the pH, the more alkaline, with pH of 7 being neutral). And this is something done more with ease; certain brands give their fluoride levels in their packaging, while others provide the pH levels on their labels.

If you’re interested in what is water is best for your body, click here to read our article on why alkaline water is the best water for you.

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