Artist Interview

Kim Holmes

One of the influential luminaries in urban dance, Kim Holmes shares her devotion, collaborations, and more. Take a look here on Soulo New York.

Artist Interview


“That was something special because what you see now, it is different.” Before having cable or seeing videos, AB-Girl shares her first encounter of Hip-Hop.

Artist Interview

Henry Link

“When you lack foundation, how is there evolution?” Henry Link shares his story in a new interview, here on Soulo New York.

Artist Interview

Buddha Stretch

“If you do not put a value to what you do, then who will?” An exclusive look into Buddha Stretch as we sit one-on-one for this Soulo interview.

Artist Interview

Jazzy J

“Music moves the soul.” Jazzy J reflects and shares his journey with us for a special one-on-one, here on Soulo New York.

Artist Interview

Chrybaby Cozie

Coming from the 80’s as a dance from Harlem, Chrybaby Cozie discusses the style from “Getting Lite” to Lite Feet and its entirety here on Soulo New York.